Replenishing vibrancy, toning, create pastels and metallics, tonal shift, pre-pigmenting for colour correction 50 different shades

It lasts approximately 20 shampoos, or more if color safe shampoo and conditioner are used.

100% intermixable with the entire range of Copyright Color Creative, Mix Master and Lift.

Mixing instructions: Mix 1 part of TIGI Copyright Colour with 1.5 part TIGI Copyright rich creme activator using a non metalic bowl. Processing time 20 min. It is designed to be used with 5 Vol or 8.5 Vol activator for tone-on-tone For 1 level lift or camouflaging gray hair up to 75%, it should be used with 20 Vol activator Can also be used to tonalising on wet hair, Ratio 1: 2 action time 15min-20min.